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Home » Mostar: Bosnia’s most charming Old Town

Mostar: Bosnia’s most charming Old Town

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Besides Sarajevo, Mostar is also, if not even more, one of the most popular destinations in Bosnia-Herzegovina. No wonder, because above all the charming old town is enchanting and convinces every visitor of its charm.

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The journey towards Mostar

Just two, two and a half hours away from Sarajevo is the beautiful, idyllic Mostar. In the Yugoslavian war it also got a lot, but today it is full of joy and wonderful people.

Thanks to Airbnb we were lucky to get an apartment right next to the old town. No two to three minutes walk were necessary to be in the middle and to experience the life on the spot in close proximity.

I will never forget how incredibly beautiful it was. Although we were very tired from the day, we could still motivate ourselves and made a short detour to the old town to experience it in the evening. All the lights were shining on the old walls in their beauty, live music was playing, which made the whole moment even more breathtaking.

The city in two parts

After the war, nothing’s the way it used to be. Mostar is divided until today. Despite the great popularity with tourists, the city is divided into two camps. On the western bank of the river lives the Croatian majority and in the east the Muslims.

Despite these facts, I have to say that we did not feel it during our stay. No matter where we were, the people were always friendly and courteous. Even when I spoke Croatian with them and we immersed ourselves in deeper conversations, everyone was always warm to us.

As is so often the case when travelling. On the spot the world is always much more in order.

As in Sarajevo, Bosnia remains a great memory after our Balkan road trip. The people in this country are simply wonderful.

Mostar’s main attraction

Mostar itself is small and relatively manageable. At least the old town, which in most cases is the destination of many visitors. Therefore, a day stay on site with an overnight stay is optimal. The time is enough to see and experience everything in a relaxed way.

You should definitely experience the beauty of the old town in the evening as well as during the day. Both have their special charm and are incredibly fascinating.

Don’t miss how the brave boys of Stari most jump into the Neretva River. Don’t forget to donate something to them before the brave deed.

Besides this main attraction you can get the probably tastiest ice cream in the world for about 2-3 € at almost every corner in Mostar.

Simply delicious!

The many larger and smaller cafés and restaurants invite you to linger. You can also have delicious Ćevapi for about 8.- € for one portion.

Dreamlike Mostar

Mostar is now very famous thanks to social networks like Instagram. Every year numerous visitors come to experience the beauty of the city for themselves. And rightly so.

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been fascinated by Mostar. I can also say with great conviction that you will also love it. Be it the local people, the city with its special charm or just both.

Mostar is a jewel in Bosnia and the whole Balkans, just waiting to be discovered by you.

Costs in Mostar

Approximate price in € and per person.

  • Airbnb cost per night (2 people): 30.- €
  • Tasty icecreme: 3.- €
  • Ćevapi for lunch: 8.- €

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