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Home » Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest and more highlights

Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest and more highlights

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The capital of Hungary has something! Although I don’t like to visit the same place twice, I have to break this rule from time to time. The second time I visited Budapest, because my girlfriend had been dreaming about the city for a long time. So I was told to go there and get to know Budapest a little better.

Inspired by Instagram we wanted to visit Fisherman’s Bastion and experience its special charm. Of course Budapest offers much more to see. All these things should not be missing on the list.

Visiting the Fisherman’s Bastion

The Fishermen’s Bastion, as it is called in German, is particularly famous for its atypical architecture and unique beauty. No other place in Budapest fascinated us as much as this one.

The beautiful building enchants especially in the early morning hours. Still relatively deserted, the façade shines in beautiful colours, which give a special light through the warm rays of the sun.

The view to the Danube, the chain bridge, as well as the parliament building in the distance are unique and beautiful at the same time. If you want to enjoy the view from the very top, you are welcome to do so. You can enter the tower from 1’800 Forint (5,50 €), the roof of the bastion from 1’000 Forint (3.- €).

Of course you can also simply enjoy the view from the Fishermen’s Bastion. It’s not much of a difference and at least as enchanting.

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Budapest’s pearls

In Budapest there are some other great places and sights to see besides the Fisherman’s Bastion.

  • Walk through the streets and discover sweet little alleys with their typical charm.
  • Visit the Jewish quarter and discover cool bars and great restaurants away from the mainstream.
  • Walk over the famous Chain Bridge, which connects the districts of Buda and Pest.
  • Marvel at the sight of the swanky parliament building and the actual beauty.
  • Go shopping in the shopping mile and get a sugar shock because of too many sweets.

Everyday life in the heart of the city

Our stay took place mainly in the heart of Budapest. Both days began with a visit to the Fisherman’s Bastion, which is simply unique and incredibly beautiful.

The nice thing about it is that other sights like the Chain Bridge and the view of the Parliament Building are about 15-20 minutes walk away.

More and more we notice on our travels that the hunting for sightseeings for us moves further and further back. It becomes more and more important for us to enjoy the moment, to capture beautiful moments with photos and to absorb the life on the spot.

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Relaxation in the Széchenyi Spa

If you are looking for perfect relaxation in Budapest, you are in good hands in a spa. The most famous of these is the Széchenyi Spa. A huge outdoor area and many smaller baths inside offer different possibilities for relaxation. Those who want to be kneaded during a massage also have the possibility to do so here.

There is a lot to choose from and you will have to choose one of the many options at the entrance. We have chosen the normal entrance, which includes only one locker and access to all bathrooms. 5’500 HUF per person (17.- €) poorer you can start your relaxation.

On my first visit to Budapest I was there to celebrate the New Year. Accordingly, the temperatures were a bit lower compared to our current visit in August. If you go into the water with almost 30° C at low outside temperatures, the experience is a bit different than in midsummer.

Nevertheless, it is beautiful on site, regardless of the season. A visit to one of Budapest’s many thermal baths is a must for any authentic visit.

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Places to visit in Budapest

Places of interest can serve as landmarks, making it easier to discover the destination. Here are a few to get to know the people and the city even better.

  • The castle palace in Budapest, the largest building in Hungary.
  • The Parliament building, ostentatious and beautiful at the same time.
  • The Fisherman’s Bastion, our personal highlight on site.
  • The Heroes’ Square, which can be admired while passing by.
  • The Chain Bridge, probably the most famous of all.
  • The Széchenyi spa, pure relaxation for body and soul.
  • The Statue of Liberty on the Gellért mountain, with the best view.

Insider tips in Budapest

  • The Jewish quarter with many bars and restaurants for every taste.
  • Liszt Ferenc Street and its restaurants. Njami! Cafe Incognito was delicious!
  • Gozsdu-udvar and its courtyards as nightclubs. Alternative and especially beautiful.

Costs in Budapest

Approximate price in € and per person.

  • Airbnb cost per night (2 people): 50.- €
  • Admission to Fisherman’s Bastion: 3.- €
  • Admission to the thermal bath: 17.- €
  • Fast food for in between: 5.- €
  • Dinner at the restaurant: 22.- €

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