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Home » The bay of Kotor: A highlight in Montenegro

The bay of Kotor: A highlight in Montenegro

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During a road trip across the Balkans, a stopover in Montenegro is of course not to be missed. The beautiful country in the south enchants with its unique beauty and the endless roads along the coast. Since our time was limited, we decided for a short stay in the beautiful Kotor.

Already the way there is enchanting. In the beginning you are greeted by the hilly landscapes, then it becomes flatter and the sea emerges. The view from the hills of Montenegro to the shining blue sea water is indescribable. A sight that probably nobody forgets so fast.

Discover Kotor’s Highlights

Besides the wonderful walks along the sea, the old town of Kotor is a real eye-catcher. As soon as you walk behind the gates of the old town, you will be surrounded by a very special charm full of life and culture.

Numerous restaurants with great food, as well as many bars invite you to stay. Whether this is on the coast with sea views or inside the old town, depends entirely on your personal taste.

Simply enjoy life to the full, let yourself go and live in the moment. Kotor is perfect for that.

Adventure in Kotor

After all the good food, it can’t be wrong to take a short hike and look at Kotor and the view of the wide sea from far above.

The fortress of Saint John (Sveti Ivan) is perfect for this. The entrance fee is 8 € per person and has to be paid at the beginning of the hike. Word gets around that very early birds don’t have to pay anything, as the one-man cash register opens at 8 o’clock in the morning.

Depending on the speed, the hike takes two to three hours. 1’350 stairs have to be climbed. Maybe you should see that you don’t do it like we do under the strongest midday sun. If there is no other way, I can recommend that you take enough water with you.

On the way up there are a few enterprising men who also offer you water, but you have to leave 1.- to 2.- € per 0.5L bottle. For the same money you can get 1.5L of water in the shop. After all, you have the opportunity to refresh yourself. Anyway, we were happy about it, because we had absolutely planned to take something to drink with us.

Finally you arrive at the top, and for all your efforts you get a wonderful, wide view of the whole of Kotor.

Unforgettably beautiful and definitely worth seeing.

The fortress itself is rather disappointing. Meanwhile it’s only dilapidated walls, but they also have their last spark of fascination behind them. We were rather disappointed.

The view was worth the effort. For that alone, I can warmly recommend the hike to the fortress of St. John.

The dream of Montenegro

Ever since I noticed the beauty of Montenegro through my circle of colleagues, I always wanted to come and see it for myself. Despite the very short time during our Balkan Roadtrip we decided to make at least a short stop in Kotor.


The stay was wonderful. Be it the eternal walks along the promenade while breathing in the sea air. The good time in the local restaurants and bars. Or the beautiful view of the city from above.

Kotor fascinated us and we are convinced that next time we will plan more time to discover the beautiful Montenegro even better and more extensive.

Costs in Kotor

Approximate price in € and per person.

  • Airbnb cost per night (2 people): 55.- €
  • Breakfast in the old town: 7.- €
  • Lunch in the old town: 14.- €
  • Dinner in the old town: 17.- €
  • Admission to the fortress of St. John: 8 – €.
  • Admission to St. Tryphon’s Cathedral: 3 € – €.

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